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Cultivate sustainable agricultural practices with our innovative solutions, leveraging cutting-edge field scouting systems and pioneering precision farming projects. Boost your operations by making informed, environmentally conscious decisions that enhance productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.

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IDGeo Solutions

Empower your team

We have developed a program that provides the necessary training for qualified professionals who want to stay updated with the innovations of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Field scouting system

The IDGeo’s Plataform provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of clients’ cultivated areas, allowing for precise and remote scouting of agricultural operations by utilizing advanced technology.

Solutions on demand

Customized precision agriculture services, meticulously crafted by a dedicated team of experts. We prioritize tailoring our solutions to meet the unique needs and challenges of each client.

Delivering precise results through the latest technologies:

State-of-art algorithms

Artificial Intelligence



Reduce up to 80% of control costs

The IDGeo’s Platform identifies the location and intensity of damage, weed infestation, as well as the biomass score of the crop. Thus, it is possible to act quickly and apply agricultural pesticides locally, saving resources.

Your field in the palm of your hand!

Take control of your production remotely with the QUALIAgro Mobile App.

A real view of your field

Discover IDGeo’s solutions tailored to your production:

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