Empower your team!

IDGeo has developed a program that provides the necessary training for qualified professionals who wish to stay up-to-date with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) innovations.

On-site PLANAgro

Divided into 4 modules: Transitioning from CAD to GIS, Introduction to Remote Sensing and Automations for Sugarcane Management, Precision Agriculture (P.A.) Maps for Field Management, and Grain Planting Training.

Online PLANAgro

Recorded classes from the first 3 modules of the course with flexible access on the Hotmart platform, so you can learn at your own pace. Learn about advanced geoprocessing techniques and strategic decision-making.


Clarify your technical doubts, difficulties in processes, or implementation of GIS tools; use it for specific geotechnology training; outsource geoprocessing or remote sensing tasks to alleviate operational bottlenecks.

Ensure ongoing development for your team

PLANAgro offers both online and on-site classes, providing participants with access to essential tools to understand remote sensing and automation in farming, adopt Precision Agriculture (PA) principles, and create field maps. Additionally, participants learn to increase profitability through process automation and to use software such as QGIS, which are completely free.

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