Protect your grain production now!

Prefer IDGeo solutions to quickly identify and deal with pests, diseases, weed infestation, and
irregular irrigation, ensuring abundant and high-quality harvests.

We have solutions for:

Health & Damage

Advanced analysis of crop performance through biomass indicators, providing information on various types of damage, such as diseases, pests, and nutritional deficiencies.

Weed infestation

Solution that uses AI to identify and assess weed infestations in grains cultivation. This allows the customer to take action according to the intensity and location of the infestation.


Evaluation of irrigation system efficiency using application uniformity and soil moisture data. This allows farmers to adjust their irrigation practices for optimal water usage and crop health.


Maximize agricultural operations efficiency with ready-to-use data for autopilot and variable rate systems, gaining planting and harvesting agility through route and maneuver optimization.

Planting operation

Accurately track the progress of planting operations with crucial information about planting dates and areas. This data is essential for efficient production management.


Monitor the harvest operation information and be able to identify the harvested areas, harvest date, as well as track the progress of the harvest and efficiently plan the remaining stages.

Outcome sample

Health & Damage

Another outstanding illustration of IDGeo’s methodology transpired during the assessment of a 5,000-hectare soybean field owned by a prominent client. Upon thorough examination, it was found that 200 hectares were infested with nematodes. Prompt detection of these infestations enabled targeted treatment within affected areas, resulting in restored productivity and prevention of further nematode spread.

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