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Prefer IDGeo monitoring solutions to quickly identify and deal with pests, diseases, weed infestation, and
irregular irrigation, ensuring abundant and high-quality harvests.

We have solutions for:


Advanced analysis of forest cultivation areas’ quality through biomass indicators involving a comprehensive assessment that goes beyond surface-level examination.

Weed infestation

Solution that uses AI to identify and assess weed infestations in forest cultivation. Thus, the client can detect affected areas and determine the intensity of the infestation.


Get detailed information on damages such as diseases, pests, operational damage, nutritional deficiency, or water deficit that may be adversely affecting the crop’s health and productivity.

Outcome sample

Weed infestation

In another outcome example, while surveying a eucalyptus plantation for a major client, a significant weed infestation was noted. Swift identification allowed for targeted herbicide application, focusing solely on the affected zones. This approach led to notable cost savings in management, enhancing overall efficiency and profitability with IDGeo solutions.

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