Protect your cotton production now!

Prefer IDGeo monitoring solutions to quickly identify and deal with pests, diseases, weed infestation, and irregular irrigation, ensuring abundant and high-quality harvests.

We have solutions for:


Advanced analysis of cotton cultivation areas’ performance and quality through the examination of biomass indicators.


Assessing application uniformity and soil moisture data, enabling farmers to make necessary adjustments.


Identify specific areas for defoliant application, aiming to accelerate growth, and ensure uniform development and maturation.


Know where to apply growth regulators to maintain uniformity, through the analysis of crop growth and development.

Outcome sample

Defoliant + Growth regulator

By utilizing IDGeo mapping technology, we can pinpoint specific areas that require variable-rate application of cotton maturation agents and growth regulators, customized to the plant’s developmental stage. This precise targeting enables significant cost savings in management and chemicals, empowering producers to optimize input usage efficiently.

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