Protect your sugarcane fields now!

Prefer IDGeo solutions to quickly identify and deal with pests, diseases, weed infestation, and
irregular irrigation, ensuring abundant and high-quality harvests.

We have solutions for:

Health & Damage

Advanced analysis of sugarcane field performance through biomass indicators, providing information on various types of damage such as diseases, pests, and nutritional deficits.

Weed infestation

Solution that uses AI to identify and assess weed infestations in sugarcane fields. Thus, the client can detect affected areas and determine the intensity of the infestation.


Evaluation of irrigation system efficiency using application uniformity and soil moisture data. This allows farmers to adjust their irrigation practices for optimal water usage and crop health.

Outcome sample

Weed infestation

Upon analyzing a client area spanning 1,562 hectares of sugarcane fields, it was determined that 316 hectares were infested with weeds. Swift identification of these areas enabled the client selectively apply herbicides, targeting only the affected zones. This approach led to a notable 79% reduction in management costs, thereby enhancing the effectiveness and profitability through IDGeo methodologies.

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